braće krsmanović

for this week’s post I have returned to savamala, the district that runs along side the sava

gritty it may be but it teems with life

sadly the area is currently used as a transit route for heavy trucks, taxis and cars busy going somewhere else

yet the road holds many surprises

night clubs, cultural centres, bars, cafes

all co-exist with the noise and smell of the traffic

nestled in the shadow of branko’s bridge

perhaps another place to visit before it is rebuilt

come soon, or you will miss it?

opening hours
lock out
cool dudes
keep out
give me enough rope

4 thoughts on “braće krsmanović

  1. Hi Andy, some great shots here. You have a strong compositional approach. Love the texture, abstracts, and especially ‘cars’ which is is a brilliant interpretation. Will call again! Regards

  2. Hi John, Thank you so much for taking a look at my site and your very kind comments, this is such an amazing city, it sometimes seems hard to go wrong. I took a look at your site also and will be back! Andy

  3. I think this is a wonderfully interesting series Andy! Grit = great in my book (I do live in Brooklyn after all). I really emnjoyed all your shots though a few stood out for me – bottle, windshield, lock out, and manus. Really cool!

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