this website and blog was recommended to me today, if photography, politics, writing, culture and thinking is your thing…go take a look

the blog delivers an interesting fresh perspective on the hype that is currently washing over the city and country as the three-part elections on 6 May come ever closer

Kamerades are a photo collective from Serbia, documenting change through critical events and issues in the region

they describe themselves as “a collective established by six documentary photographers from Serbia. Members share a mission documenting reality and expanding awareness about social issues in the Balkans….work is based in a traditional storytelling, respecting the highest visual, ethical and narrative standards in photojournalism…photographers of Kamerades embrace photography as a visual language for communicating an undistorted image of reality through in-depth reportage. Each member has his own style and area of interest, while they are all linked by passion for truth, humanity and photography…..available for assignments of both documentary and commercial nature.”

a truly inspirational site run by a gifted group of young photographers / reporters

what do you think of their work?

About us | Kamerades—Photo collective from Serbia, documenting change through critical events and issues in the region.

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