one of the first places that most visitors find quickly on belgradestreets is Kalemegdan, the “field in front of the fortress”

perfectly placed at the end of Knez Mihailova and its designer shops, bookshops, bars and cafes

commanding a dramatic view over the confluence (..or ušće, and its eponymous shopping mall) of the mighty Sava and Danube rivers

the Victor Monument, designed by Ivan Meštrović, gazes across to beautiful old Zemun and the communist era architecture of Novi Beograd and marks Serbian victories in the Balkan Wars in the early twentieth century

the park is alive with people all through the year, families playing, couples loving, solitary souls gazing into the distance

street vendors sell everything from pop corn to traditional clothing, military memorabilia to dinar notes with more zeros on them than it is possible to count…a harsh reminder of the difficult times in the 1990s..

art work, as ever, defines the park, during the summer the walkway looking across the Sava showcased images from Russia, now the framework only remains, waiting new inspiration

sculptures surprise on every corner, including that of a winged figure that stirred memories of an early childhood nightmare…

belgradestreets have seen many wars and conflicts over centuries, Kalemegdan is rich in history and stories, it is now a place to laugh, to listen, to love…

a place to visit in all seasons…

thank you for visiting belgradestreets once more

6 thoughts on “kalemegdan

  1. I’m so happy I discovered your blog. It is so lovely and your photography is great. Thank you!

    I love this set, especially the chess board tables and the statues.

  2. Thank you, I am glad you like it and thanks also for mentioning my site on your own excellent blog!

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