a post inspired by a tweet that announced “…Metropol otvara vrata u maju” — Metropol opens in May

Designed by Serbian architect Dragiša Brašovan, the hotel Metropol Palace opened in 1961 on Bulevar kralja Aleksandra, a long, wide, shop and cafe filled street to which I will return for a future post

A well-known symbol of Belgrade both for its history, status as meeting place, tourist symbol and its stark modernist architecture

The Metropol is in the district of Palilula and close to Univeristy buildings and many government administrative edifices…

I often pass the hotel as the #2 tram winds past Tašmajdan park, the images here captured with my iPhone over the last few months and shared on instagram which has become something of a passion these last few months

The hotel closed in 2007 for renovations and its opening in May 2012 will bring a breath of fresh air to belgradestreets…a sign of new life to come?

The hotel’s website is now back online…so I guess it is now a matter of watch this space

more soon from belgradestreets

metropol 1
metropol 2
metropol 3
metropol 4
metropol 5
metropol 6
metropol 8

4 thoughts on “metropol

  1. will be returning to Булевар Револуције! soon…thanks for taking a look at my site again…

  2. I caught the Instagram bug this year too! I am taking photos most days and sharing them – my friends and family (who usually ignore my blog) have really seemed to enjoy the uploads to Facebook.

    I have a silly question for you. Are these photos in order? So the before shots, then the scaffolding and wrapping? It will look pretty shiny when it is all unwrapped!

  3. yes, the oldest is at the top, as far as I know work started on the restoration some years ago, then the money ran out, leaving an empty shell, last autumn the scaffolding appeared, then the white curtain, will be great to see it come to life in spring!

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