under branko’s bridge

Photography can sometimes be dangerous.

This post is dedicated to all those photographers who risk life and limb in dangerous conditions to capture the truth.

These images were taken on public ground, there were no warning signs prohibiting photography.

I had walked many times along the road that leads from the Ušće shopping centre to the Sava river.

A road full of people enjoying the sunshine, relaxed and happy.

I had noticed the row of deserted, disused premises under the bridge and felt they would make an interesting subject for a post.

An area ripe for development.

Ready for change.

My camera provoked unwarranted and unwanted attention.

I had some unplanned exercise and a cardiac workout.

These images are dedicated to those who really risk life and limb for each one of us each and every day.

what lies beneath

10 thoughts on “under branko’s bridge

  1. What we do for our art………I hope that you were not too shaken by the experience…………I can’t say whether the experience was worth risking for the sake of a few pictures from your point of view, but nevertheless they are all very strong images. I once took some photos of a Victorian factory being demolished one Sunday morning………I believe it had a preservation order on it……..I had to leave, a little shaken……..you don’t expect to be so abused on the sabbath….. 🙂

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