love, lost, trafficking and art, more graffiti

Graffiti adorns streetscapes across the world.

Graffiti on belgradestreets is an exemplar of the art.

Art for art’s sake.

Images with colour, imagination and fantasy to brighten a dull day.

Graffiti on graffiti.

Using the message to convey the message.


Promoting pop culture. Is Kate really still lost? Must get round to watching that final series…

Declarations of love.


And hard-nosed attempts to raise awareness of difficult and sensitive issues.



Is it vandalism? Art? Communication? A force for social good?

art one
art two
art three
art four
little vampire
plugged in
love is
serious side

8 thoughts on “love, lost, trafficking and art, more graffiti

  1. Hope you had a chance to check out the graffiti on the streets of New Belgrade, especially the ones over in the Blocks by the Chinese centre and near Sava (but maybe that’s exactly where you took these photos?)

  2. New Belgrade is on the list for future posts, these were all close to Trg Slavija. Thanks for taking the time to look and comment, much appreciated. Andy

  3. Oh, cool! Am looking forward to the posts on New Belgrade. I never noticed many of them near Slavia, but that’s probably cause New Belgrade has so many more of them 😛 (Try: an entire 100m wall across the tram tracks from the Chinese centre where students from the Academy of Arts come and do ‘professional’ artwork a couple of times a year. They’re pretty thorough – they first paint the wall clean!)

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