kalenić pijaca

Kalenić pijaca is one of Belgrade’s wonderful green markets.

Situated at the end of Njegoševa, surrounded by cafes and restaurants, kafanas.

Just about anything you may wish to buy is on offer here.

enough rope

Although the first thing that caught my eye was a display of bags for vacuüm cleaners.


Small shops, groceries, bakeries, fishmongers and butchers circle the market.

Stalls crowd together where country people sell their hard-won produce.


Delicious looking fruit and vegetables.

Inspiring the art of cooking.

just add garlic and potato

This is the third of my set of images captured on May Day.

The market was quiet, not every stall was open.

empty shelves

A kilo of strawberries, a perfect way to round off the day?

i bought these!

8 thoughts on “kalenić pijaca

  1. John, thank you, having seen your own excellent images I am delighted that you appreciate mine. I am keen to learn as much as I can…

  2. Beautiful photos. Kalenic is probably my favourite green market in BG. I usually stay at a friend’s on Baba Visnjina when I visit the city and I always start my day walking through Kalenic. It is nice to see it through someone else’s eyes!

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