stormy weather…

i hope to get out on the streets and return to my blog’s theme this weekend

yet I couldn’t let the weather of the last two days pass me by without some comment

twice in succession this week belgradestreets were blasted with powerful storms involving huge black clouds, fierce winds and torrential rain…and at almost the same time of day, around 5pm as the streets were thick with traffic and workers beginning their return home

the storms provoked a flurry of activity on twitter and instagram that have probably provided enough material for a blog in its own right…

the image below was grabbed on my iPhone and I tweaked it using the “drama” filter, I accept it’s not the sharpest shot I have ever taken…in my defence I was leaning out a window being lashed by wind and driving rain

and even now, when I look at the resulting image, a cold shiver runs up and down my spine and a cold icy hand reaches out for my heart…

is that a face full of anguish, haunted eyes looking up to the heavens…

am i imagining it?

anguished and haunted

2 thoughts on “stormy weather…

  1. thank you for that, it’s good to know you enjoy my posts…I am hoping to get back into my (planned) rhythm of a new street each week…watch this space!

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