my journey to work each day takes in some of the best of belgradestreets

i remember when i first moved to Sydney I was advised to take the public ferry from Circular Quay to Manly to get the best views of the Harbour for a fraction of the price of the tourist trips…

well, when you visit belgradestreets…and you simply must, you will… then hop on tram #2 and take in a circular tour

you will not be disappointed

more to come soon…had a very busy week!

thank you once again for visiting belgradestreets

metropol in waiting
walking by...
the ubiquity of the mobile
tram and trees
steps to kalemegdan

12 thoughts on “dva

  1. would you believe that i only saw it because i took the wrong tram….all i had was my iPhone…..i’ve had so little time recently to take real photos…thanks for continuing to follow! andy t

  2. Your whole series is really great here – I was unfair to single out the last shot – though that one stood out. It’s the unexpected but a reality, caught on your camera. It’s nice to just photograph life isn’t it? Is that dynamite next to the Taxi sign on the road??!

  3. thanks! it was a shot grabbed through the grimy window of a tram…honestly have no idea what he was doing…the images were instagram on iPhone on the way to work…the hard part is to grab that “perfect” shot….the slice of life we all dream of…for example, did HCB really “capture” the kiss or was it staged….i guess many of us dream of capturing such a moment?

  4. agreed, i just realised that the lady in “the ubiquity of the mobile” shot has a “g” on a stalk emerging from her head…do i claim that as a satirical take on the impending launch of 4g mobile services or ‘fess up to a childish photo error…

  5. your blog makes me miss my beloved Belgrade so much……however i know no better way to remind myself why i love and miss it and look even more forward to going back there to visit. Thank you for that.

  6. I love the first photo! And of course the steps which I admired on Instagram. I just about convinced my husband to join me on a trip to Serbia this summer – it was meant to be a solo trip but he was getting more and more envious the more excited I became.

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