karađorđeva runs along the Sava, from the railway station and toward Kalemegdan…through the district of Savamala

the street is named after Đorđe Petrović, know by the Turks as “Kara” or “Black George”, a shepherd and village cattle dealer who went on to become, in 1804, the leader of the first Serbian uprising

karađorđeva has a feel of faded glory about it…buses, trucks, trams, cars thunder past old, closed, neglected buildings, a train line stretches between the street and the river

not the most glamorous part of town and prone to flooding from time to time, i imagine one day it will thrive, how could it not do so, only a short walk from Knez Mihaila and fronting a beautiful stretch of waterfront….one day on belgradestreets?

the waterfront is already changing with a string of restaurants already starting to fill old warehousing spaces (…perhaps a post for another day)

most people pass through here and not linger, yet, as with every street in this town, each building tells a story

stop, look up and wonder what took place over the decades…

Парк Луке Ћеловића and the park bristol provide welcome green spaces and the inevitable graffiti adorns many walls

it was the first street in which i found a resting place on arrival in Belgrade just over a year ago, the modern lines of the Design Hotel Mr President marking a stark contrast with the memories of times past that surround it…

thank you for visiting belgradestreets

wndow shopping
club toto
more graffiti
mikser house
pipe and bricks
even more graffiti
design hotel mr president
man in red

by way of a footnote and for those interested in the technical side of photography…the images were taken with my new Nikon D700 and an old 28mm f/2.8 standard lens, a challenging assignment as the couplings on the lens have broken so I was forced to revert to full manual mode…oh and it was freezing cold 🙂

14 thoughts on “karađorđeva

  1. I know how it feels with the freezing fingers! And snapping a photo with gloves isn’t the easiest – esp. when they are thermal gloves. looking at your photos again, reminds me of my current post. The images – graffiti, reflections, railway tracks! And you mention that restaurants have set up shop in warehouses? I’d love to see a post on that. You did a great job with those variables (a broken lens – I can empathise. I broke mine once!) I’m so glad you’re blogging from belgrade with a fresh perspective 🙂

  2. thank you, will take images of those restaurants although right now v cold…ice floes on the river……belgrade is a great place to photograph…

  3. I work in Karadjordjeva and think abut its possible look often. Gavrila Principa street could also be quite spectacular. Glad that Mixer Festival this year will be organized in Savamala and try to contribute to its revitalization

  4. thanks for taking a look, will be interesting to see how the district develops

  5. I’m loving your blog! I love that first photo – is that a robot or a steampunk Karađorđe? I really like the last photo too with the muted, almost monochromatic colours and the splash of red.

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