andy townend captures the life and soul of belgrade, serbia

thoughts on snow…

as a child growing up in the north of England, I remember gazing through the window with wonder at the snow as it fell and covered the earth

remember the joy of holding my mother’s hand as we walked through the snow…no fear for the future…just the joy of the now

then years of no snow…

memories of traffic chaos and closed airports when a light dusting of snow overnight would seem to close everything down, images of aircraft frozen to the tarmac

all those years as christmas approached…hoping for the elusive white christmas…

and now, now the wonder is there, but so is the darker side

…the blocked roads

…the people isolated in remote villages and towns

…the frozen river preventing trade, threatening electricity supplies

this post is dedicated to the memory of someone I only read about in the paper, a woman killed by falling ice just this last week as she walked on belgradestreets

snow reminds us of the power of nature

reminds us to respect the world we live in

reminds us to take care of those around us

during this terrible weather, take care on belgradestreets

bench and trees



knez mihailova

homeward bound


clearing up





ušće tree



quiet streets

where's the traffic?



mamma's biscuit house

hidden cars

18 Responses to “thoughts on snow…”

  1. Trevor

    Love this documentary series on Beograd…I would love to visit!

    …though, perhaps not in winter 🙂

  2. fridacmcarlsson

    Nice pics! Really liked the knez mihailova picture and the hidden cars 🙂

  3. Jennifer de Paula

    I love Belgrade but I haven’t seen it with a winter coat before. Lovely photos.

  4. belgradestreets

    thank you….pretty severe winter this year..even the danube and the sava have frozen over…

  5. Emm in London

    Lovely photos! I think it was a great use of monochrome. I am hoping to visit Belgrade in the summer, so I hope to see some sunshine not snow!!

  6. belgradestreets

    Thank you, plenty of sun in summer, last July we hit 45C one weekend…

  7. hellas-serbia

    i was many times in belgrade on winter…. i never saw snow like this……….

  8. belgradestreets

    it has been quite dramatic, beautiful and difficult of many living in more rural locations, thawing now…thanks for taking a look

  9. belgradestreets

    Thanks Scott, much appreciated. That snow seems like a different world now that the temperature is heading to 38C this weekend!

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