on being freshly pressed…

yesterday, I a captured a small selection of images on my iPhone, walking from the tram stop to my office

i am lucky, my walk involves passing along the fringe of Kalemegdan park in the centre of Belgrade

i was captivated by the look of the snow…the way it made belgradestreets seem so ethereal, so calm, so beautiful

so, when work was over, i posted a few of those images on my blog…and thought little more of it…

then, I received a message from WordPress.com that my blog had been selected to appear on the freshly pressed page

at the top of the page was a text box which read…“Freshly pressed: The best of 391,791 bloggers, 961,441 new posts, 933,945 comments, & 188,632,874 words posted today on WordPress.com” and just below was a link to belgradestreets

i was shocked, i will confess a tear came to my eye, what began as a bit of an experiment had been recognised, that moved me…changed things a little…

so, now i just want to thank all those who have visited me, those who visited early on and those who visited, commented and subscribed over the last few days

i just hope that i can continue to offer a window on to belgradestreets that brings you back…

once again, thank you to WordPress.com and all of you who have visited, liked, commented and followed…

i will return to capturing belgradestreets soon…but for now…a little more snow…

not dressed for snow
snow graffiti
snow more graffiti
umbrellas of belgrade...

9 thoughts on “on being freshly pressed…

  1. You’re so deserving! Congrats again and great photos above. Love the VW! Enjoy the snow 🙂 NY is all clear – no more snow on the ground….!

  2. Thank you, check out graffiti, svetog save and hram svetog save….taken with my Nikon D700. iPhone great for catching life as it happens 😊

  3. Thanks once again.!..I should write more on my site about what I see….need to change gear a bit I think…

  4. Hi again! Absolutely love your photos of Belgrade. My favorite part of the day is looking at my email and finding out who of my blogging buddies has updated! You have a great flair for capturing specific moments in time. I like the umbrella photo specifically 😉

  5. Thank you (again), I am torn between the immediacy of capturing images with my iPhone and the sheer joy of using new Nikon…

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