kalemegdan revisited

“A day will come when there will be no battlefields, but markets opening to commerce and minds opening to ideas.” ― Victor Hugo (market stalls, kalemegdan, belgrade) (for lucile's photo 101 rehab) *shot with nikon d700 and 70-200mm f/4 lens, various settings, at peace*

kalenic redux

Sunday afternoon. Stretching out forever. Past blends with the present. Pleasure in simple things. Fragrance of ripening fruit. Flowers just past their best. Wasps. Wishes. Images captured with Olympus OM10 and 100 ASA black and white film.

kalenić pijaca

Kalenić pijaca is one of Belgrade's wonderful green markets. Situated at the end of Njegoševa, surrounded by cafes and restaurants, kafanas. Just about anything you may wish to buy is on offer here. Although the first thing that caught my eye was a display of bags for vacuüm cleaners. Small shops, groceries, bakeries, fishmongers and … Continue reading kalenić pijaca

Бајлонијева пијаца

A green market. One of the best worst kept secrets of belgradestreets. Visit most supermarkets and, from what I have experienced, you may be disappointed by the range and quality of fruit and vegetables on offer. Then you come to realise that you are looking in the wrong place. Or, and I am not very … Continue reading Бајлонијева пијаца