Phoneography Challenge: My Neighborhood


Lightning crackled in the sky.

Thunder rolled across the corrugated roofing.

Rain streamed down the tramlines.

Oncoming lights pierced the gathering gloom.

“Don’t let me down” he said…

This is my response to the “Phoneography challenge: My neighbourhood” from The Daily Post at WordPress.

26 thoughts on “Phoneography Challenge: My Neighborhood

  1. Great photo. Is it Bajloni’s market in the background? And the man is wearing hat and overcoat? Time traveler maybe?

  2. I couldn’t agree more!

    On a side note, we’re considering heading to Belgrade in the coming weeks, but after having spent a few weeks on the Croatian coast, we’ve been spoiled by the warmer temps. 🙂 What’s it like there this time of year?

  3. The weather is very strange at the moment, a week ago it was 20 C, shirt sleeve weather and looked like Spring had arrived, today it is around freezing, snowing and looks set to stay that way for the next week. Last year we hit 30 C in mid April… So, will pay to check closer to your visit, having said that Belgrade is a great place to visit regardless of the weather! Hope you have a great trip! Andy

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