an englishman in belgrade…

Instead of reading my words about belgradestreets, I thought you might like to see and hear me talking about them…

With thanks to Nikolina Milatović Popović and her team at the Diaspora Program, Radio Television of Serbia, for making this short film, which can be seen from time to time on RTS TV in Serbia and online.

And with thanks once again to Komshe, publishers of my book, belgradestreets.

And thank you to everyone who follows belgradestreets.

8 thoughts on “an englishman in belgrade…

  1. A very “special” book…. A dream come true.
    A great book.
    You captured and transmitted the interesting, vibrant, full of contrasts and never boring Beograd.
    It would have been great more of your words in the book.
    CONGRATULATIONS for your project, your efforts, your success, your “eye”, your book and for being an Englishman in Belgrade…!

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