This weekend, I had another encounter with a security guard.

On this occasion he was friendly and welcoming.

I took the tram across to Novi Beograd as I had decided that it was about time for a post from that part of town.

It was cold and wet, dark clouds scudding across the sky, leaves blowing along the empty pavement, fences daubed with graffiti covered up damaged buildings and empty lots.

Trams clattered by, I felt a touch of apprehension as I lifted my camera up to take a shot of a remarkable scene through the railings.

I had decided to capture the replica of Terazije that was constructed earlier in 2012 with a fanfare of excitement, well at least for those who could figure out why anyone wanting to see the beautiful architecture of Terazije in the old part of town would settle for a ‘hollywood’ style clapperboard replica?

The site looked sad, forgotten, empty, closed up and uncared for.

As I fired off a couple of shots with my camera I saw the security guard approaching, my adrenaline levels started to rise, should I leave? I decided to stand my ground and, to my joy, instead of receiving a ticking off and being sent on my way, he opened up the gates and with a broad smile invited me in. As I left, he gave me another broad smile and a friendly pat on the back.

After a chat, very brief as I have such a pitiful grasp of the Serbian language, I realised that he was happy for me to walk around and take photos.

The site felt deserted and eerie. The buildings looked impressive from the front, held in place by ugly steel frames at the back.

What was the site built for? Why it is in the middle of Novi Beograd? And why it is fenced off and guarded?

So, if you fancy seeing what Terazije may have looked like back in the 1930s, jump on a number 7 tram and check it out.

And if you have any idea why it exists at all, do tell…

More from the streets of Novi Beograd soon.

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