novi beograd under dark skies

This post is a little experimental.

Firstly because I am using the WordPress app on my iPhone to draft it and secondly because it features a few shots I posted to Instagram over the weekend after editing with the Snapseed app.

Oh, and I am writing this post on the tram on line 2, huddled up to the heater to keep warm like some of the poor unfortunate souls who will be doing that every day for the near future as winter bites.

More from belgradestreets soon.





6 thoughts on “novi beograd under dark skies

  1. Nice! Isn’t Snapseed the best app ever? Well, I like the sound of this app more and more. I do upload some Instagram photos and stories to Livejournal using their awesome app but I really dislike the Blogger one. Maybe I should give it another try?

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