cleaning up the streets

This post is rubbish.

It is also in stark contrast to my last few colourful posts.

But with no apology.

For the images in this post bring good news.

Prompted by an exhibition in the centre of the city last weekend focused on the need to recycle our rubbish.

Anyone familiar with belgradestreets will also be familiar with the ubiquitous and overflowing steel bins on the corner of most streets. And the nightly cacophony as the trucks come to empty them ready for a new day.

The whining of those bizarre trucks with a car engine exposed and pulling along a trailer full of cardboard.

Rubbish stuffed into every available nook and cranny.

Well all that is changing.

I have mentioned before the amazing can eating bird…

…and now underground recycling bins are beginning to appear all over belgradestreets.

A new hope for cleaner streets…

anyplace will do
squeezed in
room in the back
about time
bird eat can
a new hope

8 thoughts on “cleaning up the streets

  1. But the new underground cans are too clean, no soul in them. Give us back our gray, dirty, stinky, sprayed, colorful, loud, ugly but with a soul, aluminum garbage containers. We don’t want to be clean, we want to be live and to differ!

  2. Andy, did you have the chance to see the movie “Immortal (Ad Vitam)” SciFi by Enki Bilal? Many of old “belgradian” spirit in it. Possibly since Bilal is belgrader in origin. I have a feeling that you could like that movie šŸ™‚

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