15 beogradska rolerijada

No day on belgradestreets is ever the same as another.

Never boring.

There is always something to catch the eye.

Sport plays a great part in the life of those on belgradestreets.

Most of my posts have some element of planning, however rudimentary.

This post was prompted by a blocked road and a growing sense of anticipation on the street.

Welcome to 15 beogradska rolerijada.

no skating?
are you sure you have the film loaded
any idea when the action starts?
wind in her hair
coming through…

2 thoughts on “15 beogradska rolerijada

  1. Great photos, as always. I just love the lighting in your photos. Would it be impolite to ask if you edit them to get that muted effect? I’d love to try do the same but only manage such effects through Instagram.

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