vojni muzej

Deep in the fortress of Kalemegdan lies Belgrade’s excellent military museum.

The back of the ticket handed over for the fee of just RSD 150 reads as follows “The Military Museum was founded on 22 August, 1878 by Prince Milan Obrenovich IV’s Decree. During its long history it shared the destiny of the Serbian people being ruined and plundered in wars and rebuilt over again. The purpose of the Museum is to collect, preserve, study and exhibit objects of military and national importance: as well as other objects of material culture from our region from prehistoric times to the present day. Since its foundation it has been located in the Upper Town of the Fortress of Belgrade. The Museum has about 30,000 museum pieces in its possession which are classified into following collections: The archaeological collection, several collections of arms and weapons, the collection of uniforms, the collection of orders, medals and decorations, the collection of the works of art and large photo-file.”

The Museum is open from 10:00 to 17:00 every day except Monday and is well worth a visit.

The area surrounding the museum is peaceful with people quietly walking among the brutal machinery of war. Although still now the echoes of conflicts over the ages can be sensed.

Along with Belgrade’s equally excellent Aviation Museum the Military Museum is high on my “almost five” year old son’s list of great stuff to do on belgradestreets.

A walk along the corridors today provoked a number of questions which may take a long time to answer.

And whatever answer is offered, the follow-up question “…but why?” always arrives.

And that one, is a real toughie to explain to a five-year old….

try the other entrance

odd couple
arms and the man

6 thoughts on “vojni muzej

  1. I think that is the hardest question to answer at the best of times, never mind when you’re trying to explain war to an almost-five-year-old!

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