thirty degrees on belgradestreets

These images were taken during a Sunday afternoon stroll along Knez Mihaila as the city relaxed under the rays of unusually warm Spring sun.

The temperature hit 30c and is expected to stay that way over the next few days, really rather wonderful given the public holidays.

Perhaps it has something to do with the forthcoming election?

Which party has control of the weather?

All of which reminds me that one of the challenges of being a roving expat is that I very rarely get the chance to vote in elections that affect the place in which I live.

So I didn’t vote in Australia in two general elections and haven’t voted in the UK for a long time.

So for all those on belgradestreets who may feel disillusioned about the electoral process, I urge you to get out next week and place the X in the spot.

For now, here are some images of belgradestreets in the late April sunshine.

Come soon before everyone wants to!!

bubbling over
jump in!
algebra classes
madonna comes to town
ball control
no takers

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