kalemegdan revisited

this weekend the temperature climbed into the mid twenties…yet only a few weeks ago the Danube and Sava were frozen, government offices closed…

and the minute the sun shone warm on the people came, the umbrellas and tables re-colonised the streets, games of chess commenced, the cycle of life began again

another short post to celebrate the magic of life on belgradestreets…images grabbed on a weekend of sun and light after darkness and cold….

west gate
music makers
coca cola
man and snake
500 billion reasons
russian dolls

10 thoughts on “kalemegdan revisited

  1. I especially love the first “wonky” tree, “concentration”, & “russian dolls”.
    [The shapes in the first and the colors in the latter two.]

    You can see the cool-warmth in the images!

  2. Another stunning set. I’m loving the lighting, monochrome and muted tones. The photo of the Russian dolls is my favourite.

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