graffiti covers the walls and buildings, and most other surfaces, of belgradestreets

it is hard to find a street that is not illustrated with political statements, anger, art or just plain scribbles

is graffiti art?

is graffiti vandalism?

is graffiti an expression of the freedom of speech?

is graffiti is as old as mankind?

here are just a few random examples spotted during a walk earlier today

11 thoughts on “graffiti

  1. I love graffiti art from around the world. You should post more and maybe also translate what the tagging means if people don’t read cyrillic script.
    Great questions about graffiti and it’s importance and meaning. I find it to be inspirational becuae it is ultimately instinctive expression and there is always a social message behind it.

    THank you for sharing these.

  2. Thank you and good advice…I am fascinated by the role of graffiti in Belgrade society…

  3. When the Serbian leader Milosevic was captured and taken (2001) to the Haag for crimes against humanity, street messages played a big role in it. You would see (months before the arrest) signs, stickers, posters, tags and such everywhere and all over Belgrade saying:
    “Gotov je” = he is finished.

    That was a powerful thing and i remember it clearly. graffiti is about a message most of the time. We just have to figure it out!

  4. I love the well done Graffiti all over Belgrade – but I hate the Taggers who find it FUN to deface what others have so pains taking created.

  5. I would love it if the streets of England were like the street of Belgrade, or most other countries for that matter. But in England in most places, everything is buffed very quickly and this ultimately ends up killing the freedom of expression that you are showing here

  6. I really enjoy your work, you’ve inspired me to get out an do some shots of graffiti. Like every other city Kazan has it’s own. Some of it is very thought provoking. Graffiti I think has been looked down upon, but through different eyes it can send an important message.

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