bulevar vojvode mišića

break on through...

This week’s (late) post features a street that I suspect many only see as they hurry through in their cars, trams or buses.

Images I snatched between meetings, waiting for trams, taxis.

Like all belgradestreets it pays to pause a while.

Look, reflect, think, imagine, wonder.

BIGZ, the Sajam Fair, retail outlets, apartment buildings, cafes, people waiting for the bus, the tram.


Political posters.

A street as rich in life and detail as many others.

And, signs of reconstruction emerging as the cranes and excavators start work around the BIGZ building.

So, if you have not yet visited belgradestreets, you should do so soon, before it is rebuilt and loses some of its unique character.

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13 thoughts on “bulevar vojvode mišića

  1. Marina, thanks for taking the time to comment, and I’m happy you noticed the subtle changes this time…really appreciate the feedback…:-) Andy

  2. Thank you, this site kicked off as a random thought with no real long term plan, so when a reader uses words like “inspiring” that’s pretty rewarding…and at the same time challenging….thank you again…

  3. That said, having just looked over your more recent blogs, you have always used a bit of colour. Though here it stood out more (of course, and especially with the ‘big’ image). There’s something balanced about this series – its asymmetry, angles and softer black colour. Do you agree?

  4. I wouldn’t use ‘inspiring’ lightly 🙂 Especially as I am just learning how to use the DSLR, it’s been a steep learning curve (e.g. 10 good shots out of a multitude!) I’m now interested in angles and composition and lighting, and you’re always good with that. This series is great. It seems very cohesive and I am wondering if you set out to achieve that?

  5. wow….when I set out with this site I had no real plan, other than to do what felt right, what appealed to me at an emotional and quite visceral level. So, the angles, composition, tones, colours and so on have little to do with cultivated technique or long experience more and much more to do with “that feels right..” Many of my photos are snatched with my iPhone, others with my Nikon D70 and although I have just invested in a new D700, funny thing is that using Instagram on the street has taught me a lot, the rigor of that small square…

    Does that make sense?

    Now, I must check out your site!

  6. Well, keep up the great work. I cans ee these images collected into a book called, “Belgrade Streets”. I’ve been seeing alot of great Instagram shots lately 🙂 I’ve posted on street art, which may appeal to you since you seem to notice that also. I’d love feedback on what you think of my photos, and how I could improve. Every day I figure out something new on my own, but there’s nothing better than a good critique 🙂

  7. I will certainly take a look at your work and give you some feedback….thanks again for your thoughts on my work….really appreciated…:-)

  8. Hey Marina, thanks for that! Well, that’s my homework for the weekend then 😉 But seriously, really appreciate you nominating my blog…

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