Beogradska is one of the streets that meet at the chaotic confluence that is Trg Slavija.

I travel along the street most days on Tram line 2, which also serves as a great tram line to take a ride on if you are new to Belgrade as it circles the older part of the city.

Slavija is intimidating at first, as cars, buses, trams, trolley buses and pedestrians all seek to go their own way with no apparent plan, no fear, and surprisingly few accidents.

Plenty of honking of car horns though, and if you are riding one of the trams that clatter across the tracks that criss cross the square then hold on tight.

Trams and buses and cars work their way up Beogradska from Slavija to the artery that is the Bulevar Kralja Aleksandra.

Hustle and bustle. Cafes, shops, bars, restaurants, the inevitable graffiti all colour the street.

Thank you for visiting and do let me know your top ten belgradestreets and why you like them? Looking for ideas for interesting new streets to feature in future posts.

More from belgradestreets very soon.

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4 thoughts on “beogradska

  1. Thanks, I have certainly been trying to convey a moody and edgy atmosphere…guess I don’t want to overdo it, Belgrade is a vibrant and changing city…

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