faces on the street

Months ago, I entered a streetphotography competition. I didn't win one of the prizes. I did receive a voucher to use for the excellent blurb self publishing service. Most importantly, I received feedback from the judges on each photo submitted. A humbling and important part of moving from taking snapshots to having my images taken … Continue reading faces on the street


Sometimes, especially when the weather is hot, the Nikon stays at home and I rely on my iPhone, which indeed is exactly how this blog began. Each weekend, the instagram team set a photographic challenge. This weekend's challenge was #lowdownground. The goal to capture photographs from the lowest vantage point possible; low down on the … Continue reading #lowdownground

one day on belgradestreets

Images taken on a single day. Snatched on my iPhone and posted to instagram. No thought. No planning. Just images from a day. In this case, Friday, 7 October 2011. The final day of summer. Images snatched on the way to the office. Walking to meetings. Snatched moments. Moments that will never happen again. Moments … Continue reading one day on belgradestreets