gone (but not forgotten)

“some of us think holding on makes us strong but sometimes it is letting go”

― hermann hesse

good bye..
good bye..

This post is dedicated to the lives of the two people for whom these candles were lit.

To those who still remember and love them.

To all those who have suffered loss or who have been hurt.

13 thoughts on “gone (but not forgotten)

  1. Deeply touching. The empty feeling of loss never leaves us. I still remember and love with the same intensity. And would still today, if I could, have changed places with my younger brother.

    Beautiful photo and dedication.

    Letting go? Twice today I ponder about Herman Hesse’s thoughts.

  2. Your story of your brother is both heartbreaking and inspirational. The story behind this post is darker and perhaps best left unsaid. Hesse, was, of course, right.

  3. Thanks Andy. His story is like of many who went through the same and I try not to make it more special, because other families feel the same.
    I won’t ask about yours, and only wish you find peace in your heart.

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