“We learned not to meet anymore,
We don’t raise our eyes to one another…”

– Anna Akhmatova


(Skadarska, Beograd)

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14 thoughts on “converge

  1. Thank you Mara, yes, I ran it through a filter that simulates the old wet plate look which I love, I think I was born in the wrong century…the people on the streets in Belgrade certainly had beauty, rugged or otherwise, unlike anywhere I’ve ever been, or am I looking through Serb-tinted glasses…anyway, you know how I feel…

  2. I have an idea. You’re probably the first person I know to appreciate the vibrancy and humour under the filthy surface of Eastern Europe. This is generalising, but still. I should’ve been born in Victorian England, speaking about wrong centuries.

  3. Before traveling to Belgrade, and for the first few weeks, I was very unhappy. The rest as they say is history….so, yes, I love the grit of Eastern Europe and the vibrancy, the life, the contradictions, the love…

  4. I am also aware that many would say that I have a privileged and over-romantic view of Belgrade, and that as an expat, my life was horribly different from that of many others, and I know that very very well…and that would be another very long story…but, I am touched by what you say…

  5. That might be true, yet you chose to live there deliberately, more or less, and this already demands some commitment. Another long story? Good! Hope you’ll tell me later 😉 Or maybe blog about it!

  6. It took Serbia to let you and Mara converge in a serious way – as this photo leaves no room for jokes.
    I am learning to appreciate Belgrade, which never caught my attention – through a Serbian soul that was born in England.
    Beautiful photo, Andy.

  7. This is a lovely photo for this week’s challenge. People converging in the streets, lounging around and just relaxing. A very casual atmosphere too, since one of them is comfortable enough to lie down and have a bit of a rest. I love the BW tone you used in this photo, gives it a timeless feel 🙂

  8. Thank you, the scene is a depiction of the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989, for many of those shown perhaps the first time they felt able to relax in a long time?

  9. Ah, that explains it. Long time ago. It must be hard during the days when the wall was up – some desperately wishing for a better life. So maybe those people relaxing out there do feel relieved. A weight lifted off their shoulders. Maybe even tired.

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