Weekly Photo Challenge: Split-Second Story

It was cold, very cold.

He was late, as always.

He had forgotten again.

It was always like that these days.

He never meant to, but somehow he always did.

His thoughts were interrupted by the harsh beeping of his phone.

He looked down at the screen.

It was as he expected.


12 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Split-Second Story

  1. I absolutely love this photo! The framing, the colours and this tiny man walking by. Everything is as it should be! Well done!

  2. That poor girl, left standing in the cold…..haven’t we all done that….forgotten to pick someone up….I used to do it regularly!, it’s so easy to get distracted by life.
    That photo and the story capture the mood perfectly. Love it.

  3. Great, yes, and appreciating every summery day. Am preparing a small selection of prints for the Kirkcudbright Art & Crafts Trail at the beginning of August and busy scanning 600 or so colour negatives for a talk on India in October. Also have joined a writing group and am enjoying the challenge of writing a science fiction story. Should really be trying to decorate the kitchen…but what’s life for, for goodness sake!

  4. Oh…. my eyes are dim, I cannot see, I have nor brought my specs with me……it’s a man waiting….got the wrong end of the story…..

  5. Awesome…I am exhausted just reading that….more power to your elbow! Andy

    PS – would love to see more of your prints / writing some day!

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