all that jazz

“All hope abandon ye who enter here.”

These words could well be daubed in blood at the entrance to the BIGZ building on belgradestreets.

Pass through the portal, ascend the graffiti strewn staircase.

Music wafts through the air.

Tourists do not come here.


There is nowhere quite like this.

And the reward at the top of the climb through this abandoned building?

Jazz. Raw, powerful and real.

Music to make your spine shiver.

If the surroundings haven’t already done that for you.



Before it becomes safe to do so.

Live a little.

jazz 001

jazz 002

jazz 003

jazz 004

jazz 005

jazz 006

8 thoughts on “all that jazz

  1. Was really hoping to hear them! I do not yet know how to post a Video but I will get around to it. Great Gallery!

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