ispod kalemegdana

Don’t look up, look down, below belgradestreets.

I have written before about the feast awaiting your eyes when you walk along belgradestreets with your eyes on the rooftops.

This post inspired by reading the recent English translation of “Beograd ispod Beograda” (Belgrade underneath Belgrade) by Vidoje Golubović and Zoran Nikolić.

There is much to be found underneath belgradestreets.

These images inspired by the book, give a glimpse of the gateway to this other world.

Bricked up portals.

Locked gates.

Echoes of terror and mortal anguish.

Sinister iron works from a brutal time.

Dark passages beckon.

The underworld is waiting.

Will you come with me as I explore more?







4 thoughts on “ispod kalemegdana

  1. Is there a well inside this basement? Is it a place where final scenes of Makavejev’s ‘Love Affair, or the Case of the Missing Switchboard Operator’ have been filmed? Brrrrrr…

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