la casa in lotta

As I made my way home this evening, feeling tired and blue after a hard Monday, and not adapting well to the darker evenings, cold nor the rain….I found myself transported into 1960s Italy…

I have a view that almost anything can happen on belgradestreets.

Today, I found myself on the set of a movie, I am guessing Italian due to the cars, the signs and the loud voices penetrating the cold winter evening almost as much as the glare of the lights on the set cut through the darkness.

Come to think of it, there has been a theme these last few days, this encounter so strange after my visit to the fake Terazije this weekend.

So, with apologies for the poor quality of some of the images, here is what happened right outside my home this evening.

Never a dull moment on belgradestreets.

2 thoughts on “la casa in lotta

  1. You can’t overlook excitement like that on your doorstep….very fine filmic quality to your pics….and all nicely framed…really great set

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