cara dušana

Cara Dušana is, for the #2 tram, a little like the home straight on a race track.

A good long stretch, tree-lined, without too many curves, a tram can build up a good head of steam. If only the track wasn’t under repair.

I admire the workers on the line this weekend, temperatures hovering around 36c, and more, is not ideal weather for digging holes and working with metal tracks. Yet they do, and the trams keep running.

The street lies at the bottom of the hill that runs down from Knez Mihaila through Dorćol.

It is a broad street, in summer, a leafy boulevard, lined with buildings of every kind.

Some exquisite, some art deco, some bauhaus (ish) others more brutal. Many perhaps in need of a little attention. All engaging and demanding you stop and look.

Shops along Cara Dušana cater for almost every need you can imagine, and then some.

In this age of digital downloads there is even a DVD rental shop, fast becoming a period piece in so many places.

So, if you do visit and take the #2 tram, stop, walk, look up and enjoy belgradestreets.

men at work
art deco
super bug
video to go?

15 thoughts on “cara dušana

  1. Hi Andy, nice set. You paint an enticing picture of a fascinating place. Good variety of subject viewpoint and treatment. Like Mesh, Photocopy, Leafy and Video to Go in particular though all are fine photos. Thanks for posting so many.

  2. great set of photos – there’s so much in common with out two cities! I do love the leafy photo. And it is so hot in NYC too! I’m appreciative of the workers out there,

  3. Hi Marina, thanks, happy you like them! Probably not many have made the connection before between Brooklyn and Belgrade but you are right. Set for more hot weather this week…

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