Андрићев Венац

Ivo Andrić (1892 – 1975) lived through the turbulent first half of the twentieth century witnessing two World Wars and the rise and fall of various forms of revolution and totalitarianism.

In 1961 he won the Nobel Prize for literature.

Among the books lining my shelves is a compilation of stories “The Damned Yard and other stories” described by the publisher, dereta, as “vivid, intensely suggestive and often disturbing”.

Today a likeness of Andrić watches over those who linger by the water streaming along the architectural marble course that defines the street.

Not only Andrić keeps an eye on the street, so too does the President, for the building of the Presidency of Serbia, “Novi Cvor”, has occupied one side of the street since it was originally built for King Peter I Karadjordjević between 1913 and 1918.

The quiet short street is dotted with galleries, books stores, lime trees.

Even the curves of the pavement betray an artist’s touch.

ivo andric
watching over you

2 thoughts on “Андрићев Венац

  1. my very favorite spot in Belgrade! So glad you took photos of Andricev Venac.

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