sunshine blog award


The warmth and generosity of the blogging community is a constant source of delight, wonder and inspiration.

One sign of this is the custom to nominate fellow bloggers for a variety of awards.

A way to recognise the contributions made by others, spread the word and build a real community.

Way back in March (yes I am really really late in responding) two bloggers nominated me for a sunshine blog award. Marina Chetner, her blog really does “inspire through travel” with her beautiful images and words researched with care and diligence, and Red Pants and a Mustache, another wonderful blog based on the concept of “exploring coffee shops in Stockholm” and offering so much more food for thought.

I am touched and delighted to receive their nominations and recommend that you take a look at both excellent blogs if you have not already done so.

So, I would like to thank you both here and now — and ask for your forgiveness for the long delay in acknowledging your kindness!

The award comes with conditions….

Firstly my answers to ten questions about myself.

Favorite Color – #FF0000
Favorite Animal – the infamous bugblatter beast of traal…
Favorite Number – 101010
Favorite Non-Alcoholic Drink – A mug of tea in the morning!
Prefer Facebook or Twitter – Twitter
My Passion – Starting big new things…
Prefer Getting or Giving Presents – perhaps it is the thought that counts (although I accept that is a cliché)
Favorite Pattern – Asymmetric wrought iron (an obsession planted by a friend)
Favorite Day of the Week – Friday (from about 6pm…)
Favorite Flower – Red Rose (of Lancashire, the county of my birth)

And, in addition to the two bloggers I mentioned above, here are ten others that I follow and would recommend you take a look at — in no particular order.

1. Words and images from Polly Nance in the USA… Watching the photo reels go round and round

2. Each of John Smith’s images tells a story… Life, Photography & other Mistakes

3. Fascinating series of images, love the deconstructed camera… Hoverdraftdoggy

4. I am enjoying reading Impossible Stories by Zoran Zivkovic

5. Amazing art and craft from Roberto Alborghetti… robertoalborghetti

6. A hectic world of art from… theartistmakena

7. Thought provoking art and images… Marija Toskovic

8. A beautiful series of images from ‘canon in Japan… Mozuqu Noire

9. Images and words from London… Emm in London

10. More inspiring images… Mostly monochrome

4 thoughts on “sunshine blog award

  1. Aha…… you cheeky blighter….. you have given me a mention…… well, well….. what can I say but to thank you Andy….. believe me, I have no qualms about reciprocating the honour by expressing my great appreciation of your illuminating depiction of Belgrade with photos that stand head and shoulders above in a crowded, image conscious world.
    Best regards, John.

  2. John, your photos are more than worthy of a mention, hope you didn’t mind too much 🙂 thank you again for your generous comments on my photos, it is so rewarding to work on images that are appreciated as I am sure you know only too well! Andy

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