a little colour

Flower power still has meaning.

All week there have been plants and flowers for sale in Manjež. A park which, if you have seen some of my earlier posts, you may know is one of my favourites here on belgradestreets.

I don’t feel this post needs too many words, I just wanted to share some colour for a change from belgradestreets.

Commenting on a post from a fellow blogger this afternoon, I found myself quoting one of my all time favourite music tracks — “Running’ blue” by the Doors.

So, for this post, and I hope the rights holders don’t object…these words seem apt for a warm, balmy Spring afternoon with the scent of flowers in the air….

“Takes it easy, baby
Take it as it comes
Don’t move too fast
And you want your love to last
Oh, you’ve been movin’ much too fast
Movin’ much too fast
Movin’ much too fast”

I guess belgradestreets will be back to its gritty, monochrome style before too long…

twisted green

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