passing by

скадарска, in the heart of Dorćol lies the street also known as the “Bohemian quarter”.

On Summer evenings the streets is alive with Belgraders relaxing, dining, drinking, talking….and smoking.

Music fills the air and flowers line the cobbled streets.

As winter closes in the tables on the terraces are empty.

Life continues unabated inside the cosy, warm kafanas and restaurants that line the street.

Restaurants like “Dva Jelena” and Tri Sesiri” that have seen life in Belgrade wax, wane and wax again, seen their fair share of celebrities pass through their doors.

Galleries, like on so many other belgradestreets are tucked away in basements and alleyways.

At the end of the street is the old Belgrade Beer Industry brewery once owned by the Czech, Ignjat Bajloni, who produced renowned beer using spring water below the street. The brewery now seems derelict, its walls emblazoned with murals.

The street is famous for its transition from gypsy settlement to the haunt of actors, writers and those seeking proximity to both.

Two statues watch over life on the street, one of an unknown travelling actor, the other the much more well known Đura Jakšić a Serbian poet, painter, writer, dramatist, bohemian and patriot.

скадарска is a street that embodies the life of belgradestreets at any time of the year.

And a great place to spend a few hours on a Sunday afternoon, or a Saturday night, or come to think of it, just about any time you feel in need of dining, wining and good conversation.

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