300 days on belgradestreets

Today is my 300th day in Belgrade.

As my flight brought me towards my new home a sea of fog hid the ground from view.

The taxi journey to the city was eventful as my driver gave chase to a car that veered in front of him, stopped in the middle of the highway, gesticulating and shouting at the hapless driver of the other car.

It was cold. Very cold. And snowing, a lot.

So began my adventure on belgradestreets.

I arrived late in the evening, this was the view from my hotel bedroom window as I awoke to a cold Belgrade dawn…

first sight

I remember being amazed at how many coffee bars there seemed to be in every street. How smoke filled they seemed compared with what I had become used to.

no smoking

Also not understanding a single street name as they were all written in Cyrillic, which more or less I (think) have now mastered (at least being able to translate to latin script…)

My first meal in the small restaurant in my hotel consisted of ćevapčići, grilled chicken, potatoes and cabbage, washed down with a glass of local red wine…I can see a post about local food may be worthwhile at some point.

At that stage the idea of belgradestreets was far from my mind yet I took a picture of that first meal…

first meal

and whilst eating, these imposing figures looked on from the lobby of the hotel…

imposing figures

Later, as I began to walk on belgradestreets I was struck by the beautiful buildings, rooflines fringed by deadly icicles.

Awed by the majesty of viewing the confluence of the Danube and Sava from the an iced up Kalemegdan I shot the picture at the top of my site, a memory from one of my first walks in Belgrade.

And each person I spoke to made me realise how special and amazing this city, and those who live here are.

Thank you for sharing my view of belgradestreets so far.

I hope you come back for more as I search for ever more interesting streets, stories.

Thank you to all who have read my posts and to the city and people of belgradestreets.

If you live here, be proud and happy in your home. If your have been here, come back.

If you have never been, do so. Soon, before it all changes.

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