another day…


This is an extra post.

A quick random snapshot of another day on belgradestreets

Images grabbed on my iPhone on a single day and originally posted to instagram.

Simple images that capture the spirit of belgradestreets

Trams. Light. People. Streets. Reflections.


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2 thoughts on “another day…

  1. Hi Andy, I love this eclectic mix of images and many are graphically and photographically very strong. You use image placement very deliberately and this gives a consistent stylistic treatment. In one way you break all the rules but this I think is deliberate also: so I feel that this set is mainly about photography-liberated, rather than simply a set of record shots. This approach gets my vote as does the uniform use of square format which is always strong and decisive.

  2. John, thanks, I really appreciate your comments. This site is a mix of at least two different styles for me, the square shots are virtually all taken with Instagram on my iPhone and very much taken on the spur of the moment. I find the square format a fascinating discipline and intriguing to ‘play’ with. The other, perhaps more serious side is when I use my Nikon D700 and try to take shots which capture my feelings for whatever I am photographing. I have a lot to learn and would really value any feedback you can offer. I am also having a wonderful time documenting the streets of Belgrade in my own way! Once again, thank you.

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