вишњићева – višnjićeva

wireless love

This week’s images were taken on the fly with my iPhone 4.

The mood took me.

No plan.

I visited Serbia’s Republičke agencije za telekomunikacije, РАТЕЛ.

An ordinary street?

In Belgrade there is no such thing.

Since starting this blog every street is no longer a way to a meeting, rather an opportunity, a story waiting to be discovered.

A reason to look up, not down.

Look out, not in.

Streets full of life, colour, grit, character and people…and oh, what people.

Serbia’s telecommunications regulator shares a street with a school, cool bars, several hairdressers, dry cleaners, picture framers, a shop selling sewing machine parts, apartment buildings of all shapes and sizes, hip places to sip a coffee or wine, office blocks, old buildings whose detailing never fails to interest.

The 18th century tomb of Sejh Mustafa.

Windows, doors, railings, bricks, stones.

Street art dresses the street, zebra crossings are exactly that, slogans, sneakers and words crawl across every surface.

Today the street is alive, windows and doors open, the sun a continuing reminder of summer, even though autumn is here and on the horizon storm clouds threaten to fulfil the dire forecasts

This is Belgrade, so the tables and chairs, t shirts and summer skirts, smiles and laughter will continue until the rain falls…but until it does life will be lived to the full.

That is Belgrade

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4 thoughts on “вишњићева – višnjićeva

  1. I really like this section of photos, I think that these photos and these words are the best…. streets and people are a city, these streets are Belgrade….streets-photos….I can imagine people….a story to be told… life

  2. Love to read your blog. We who are born and live in Belgrade sometimes forget how fascinating this city is. Thanks for reminded me! 🙂

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