andy townend captures the life and soul of belgrade, serbia

force(s) of nature

“women and cats will do as they please, and men and dogs should relax and get used to the idea”
― robert a heinlein



this cat, once became famous

he was electrocuted and later, celebrated

the photo

almost triggered an international incident

he was


force of nature

(for wordpress weekly photo challenge – forces of nature)

*shot with iphone 4 and edited in aperture 3 with help from a lada niva, some rope and a shot of šljivovica*

10 Responses to “force(s) of nature”

  1. lafemmet

    I think in the Balkans, that should be changed to Men and cats…. 😉 but then it wouldn’t be a proper quote. (shrug)

  2. Mara Eastern

    I’ll second Lafemmet’s comment and doubt the validity of the quote regarding women… Cats, yes, but women? *shakes head*

  3. tnkerr-Writing Prompts and Practice

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