andy townend captures the life and soul of belgrade, serbia

thank you komshe…

thank you Komshe

thank you Komshe





and other times they


thank you Komshe and Akademija

19 Responses to “thank you komshe…”

  1. Mara Eastern

    Yes, I’m sure you’re indebted to Belgrade, but so is Belgrade indebted to you. So you’re even and balanced!

  2. Amy Sampson

    Is that “Edge of Eternity” on the top shelf? I tried to Google the title for translation, but I can’t see all the letters. 😦 Anyway, “Edge of Eternity” is the book I’m currently reading. I love Ken Follett.

  3. Andy Townend

    It is indeed! What really impressed me is that when I first arrived in Belgrade one of the first books I purchased was Momo Kapor’s excellent “The Magic of Belgrade” so to see my own book sharing shelf space with his book is almost impossible to believe…

  4. Manja Mexi Movie

    I remember the times when Ožujsko, Nikšičko, Union & other Yu beers went together well. 🙂 And now you’re showing me that dr. Nele has written a book! I’ll stick around to see what else I’ve been missing.

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