господска улица

the first of a few posts I plan featuring the streets of Zemun, just a short bus ride along the Danube from belgradestreets

a poster at the end of the street reads “this street has always been renowned for its merchants’ shops and houses of the distinguished Zemun inhabitants of the 18th and 19th century, such as Miloš Urošević and the famous family Marković, which gave a number of public figures, painters and writers to Zemun. At the point where Gospodska Street intersects with Magistrate Square, there is the Votive cross, which raised by Lazar Urošević in 1863”

more soon…

24 / 7
wrought again
halo 1
halo 2

4 thoughts on “господска улица

  1. Hi Andy………..this set is so informative with its contrasts of wider views set against close detail. You have a refined eye for texture, surface and composition……..love it

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