I have always loved books, reading and losing myself in a good bookstore.

One of my earliest memories of childhood was my first visit to a library, being captivated by the rows of books.

Their colours, the smell of the books, magic, mystery and marvels awaiting the opening of the first page.

The bookstores that line belgradestreets are exceptional.

Many small shops bursting with hidden treasures.

Not yet dominated by the big chains with their identikit rows of airport novels.

Sipping a wine or a coffee in the street outside a bookstore on belgradestreets on a sunny summer day.

Does it get better than that?

grilled books
lost in thought
open air bookstore

18 thoughts on “књижаре

  1. Great collection, I can almost smell the books from here! Very interesting site – I’ve visited Belgrade and have some Serbian connections. I agree, a fascinating city and land.

  2. That sounds so great – sipping a wine outside a bookstore, new book in hand. All of these photos are great – so evocative – but my favourite is ‘standing.’

  3. Thanks Marina, belgradestreets really are a delight at this time of the year, the main street is lined with bookstores and their related cafe bars…..I hear their call now! 😉 Andy

  4. What a gorgeous collection of photos! I love “plato”, “standing” and “open air bookstore” the best.

  5. These are STUNNING. I love each and every one. I almost want to print them and hang them in my house.

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