пионирски парк

The script for my original post for this weekend developed an interesting plot twist. About which more in due course. Possibly.

Reflecting on the reason for my change in plan, I decided to take a quiet stroll through one of Belgrade’s many parks. I remember being surprised when first looking at Belgrade on Google Earth by how green it seemed. Yes, pollution there may be from time to time but it is always possible to find trees, grass and peace.

Pionirski Park, once a royal garden, lies in the centre of Belgrade bounded by Kneza Miloša, Kralja Milana and the Bulevar Kralja Aleksandra.

The park’s trees mingle with a collection of rare and endangered plants each marked with a plaque.

A pile of rocks in one corner of the park recall a look out from Kajmakčalan Mountain on which the Serbian army fought with the Bulgarian army in the first World War. The overgrown rocks also frame a series of plaques depicting each of the Serbian generals from the same conflict.

The park is dotted with sculptures including a girl with a jug surrounded by fountains which forms a centrepiece to the park and a more recent piece, Interrupted Game, a young man in a contorted pose.

The park is an oasis of tranquility in the shadow of the Parliament building and surrounded by the grinding traffic of belgradestreets.

winding road
contorted man

4 thoughts on “пионирски парк

  1. Thanks Marina..I just put the camera on the ground and pressed the button to see what would emerge 😉 glad you like the outcome! Andy

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