возови и графити

Graffiti is a hallmark of belgradestreets.

Not just the streets, sometimes it seems that any vertical surface is pressed into service as a canvas to express someone’s ideas.

I captured these images during my visit to the station on Saturday.

I feel they deserve a post of their own, I hope you agree.

The messages are often a little hard to decipher. Having spent some years in Sydney, Australia, I couldn’t help noticing the reference to a “boomerang” on one of the carriages although the reason for reading this on the side of a train plying back and forth between Belgrade and Novi Sad did not seem immediately obvious to me. Perhaps you know better?

The image of the character caught in the act of spray painting also amused me, graffiti with a sense of irony, very English?

face at the window
caught in the act!
follow the arrow
i don’t give a

6 thoughts on “возови и графити

  1. I have a genuine returning boomerang and a full size, and beautifully painted, didgeridoo right in front of me as I type, I will have to find a way to weave them into a post someday, once again thank you for taking time to look at my posts, much appreciated, Andy

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