Трг Републике

Трг Републике or Republic Square lies close to the heart of Belgrade.

A popular meeting point for locals and tourists.


The home of a mobile blood bank.


Once the site of the Stambol Gate at the time when Belgrade was surrounded by a moat.

The only water in evidence now the fountain in the terraced area between the square and Kneza Mihaila.


The Gate being named for the road to Istambul towards which the hand of Prince Michael is reputed to point as he expelled the Turkish rulers from Serbia.

over there

Sadly, this monument presents the less appealing side of the graffiti which adorns almost every vertical surface in the city…


The square is surrounded by important buildings including The National Museum and The National Theatre and home to the usual cafes, bars and restaurants.

cafe life

Flowers and scupltures struggle to survive amid the noise and hustle of the traffic and its pollution, offering some respite…


And one of the more recent additions, this steel and glass clock a memory of the Millennium.

reflected glory

6 thoughts on “Трг Републике

  1. Ohhhh, I love these photos! I like Blood, Over There, Dzoni and Helix the best. I hope you’re having a warm spring. It is horrid in London.

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