when I first arrived in Belgrade on the evening of 31 January 2011, the city was covered in a blanket of snow, ice and freezing fog…

so far this Winter the weather has been comparably balmy…indeed on Monday, it felt like Spring…

all that changed this morning when the city once again woke under a white icy blanket

images originally taken on my iPhone, published on instagram

thought worth sharing here on belgradestreets

snow 1
snow 2
snow 3
snow 4
snow 5
snow 6
snow 7
snow 8
snow 9

116 thoughts on “snow…снег…

  1. Real Snow. I live in Alabama so the only snow we ever see is usually a freak occurance. Dustings happen at least twice a year but real snow is on a five to six year schedule and only lasts for about two to three days.

  2. You’ve got a gd juxtaposition of curves going there 5-8 inc. Been balmy weather here too in north England – hope your snow not blowing this way. Thanks for sharing the images, I really enjoyed them

  3. thank you, when i arrived here last year it seemed to snow for a month without stopping..

  4. thank you…taken on iPhone using instagram, that little square is a real challenge, makes you think hard…

  5. Thanks Marina, to be honest I am quite shocked, and thrilled…thanks for following…

  6. Request: May I use your #4 picture for reference material? Please advise.

    The pictures are well done. Thank you for posting.

  7. I’ve been to Belgrade…right before the revolution in mid-90s. I loved Yugoslavia (as it was called in its entirety then). I also spent a lot of time in Zagreb and Dubrovnik. It was a wonderful experience. Nice pix and thank you for sharing.

  8. i think you are too kind….your photography is very good, keep it up….street art is an inspiring medium…

  9. The snow pictures of the awakening city brought a cherised memory to me. I was about eight, walking with my friend home, in a beginning snow fall in New York City. The dirty streets turned white in beauty replacing the ugliest parts of the city. It was Christmas week, and we were walking home from a Christmas pagent at a Christmas play on the birth of Jesus at St. Pauls on 119th Street in Manhattan. We both still had the whiskers on our faces from playing shepards in the manger scene. How close to Baby Jesus did that snow place us that special evening.

  10. We were in Belgrade in October and loved walking through this park. It is nice to see it in winter.

  11. thanks for the reblog, thinking of your last comment, i do have a thing for doorways, lines, curves…paths….see the rest of my site…interesting observation…, thanks

  12. thanks for liking my images, I’ve not yet allowed re-use of any of my images but really appreciate your interest..:-)

  13. Hi again. If you could clarify what you wanted to use the image for I could consider it?

  14. Those are lovely- what kind of camera are you using? And (if you don’t mind me asking!) what was your apt and iso and shutter speed on these? I just think the contrast is especially sharp. Thanks! I’m always trying to improve my craft too.


  15. thank you very much, these shots were actually taken with my iPhone 4…imported into Aperture 3 with a quick “auto enhance”…when I am feeling more creative I use my Nikon D700, see my latest post…and thanks again

  16. It’s amazing the quality of Iphone pictures these days. Technology’s advances exponentially, I guess. Thanks!

  17. I’m from Belgrade and you should stay here cos after today you can take so many amazing snowy pics in Belgrade, I took some pics today….
    By the was great pics 😀

  18. Big kiss from Belgrade 🙂 :* Belgrade is much better at summer. Come and see it 🙂 Ada Ciganlija, Kalemegdan, Skadarlija, Old City, New Belgrade, rivers, especially night life in Bgd… You MUST see it ….you must 🙂 And you’ll never forget it… Never! 🙂

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