Бранков мост


I love water.

Rivers, lakes, seas, oceans.

I have always enjoyed living close to water and have been lucky to live close to some beautiful stretches of water.

The thrill of watching ocean liners pass Calshot Spit as a boy.

The beauty of the River Severn serenely twisting beneath the gaze of the ancient Cathedral

The power of the Thames as it cuts a path through London.

The breathtaking beauty of sunlight dancing on the blue waters of Sydney Harbour.

And now, the city which lies on two rivers steeped in romance and history.

The Danube and the Sava.

These images are reflections from a walk between the venue of an earlier post, kосанчићев венац, and the park that lies on the New Belgrade side of the Sava.

Old meets new.

Belgrade in many ways bridges cultures and times and peoples, so Бранков мост joins the old with the new.

As with many things in Belgrade the history of the name of the bridge is complex and mysterious.

During the communist period Wikipedia notes it was called the “Brotherhood and unity bridge” (Most bratstva i jedinstva).

Apparently that name wasn’t quite catchy enough. Wikipedia goes on to say it became known as the “bridge in Branko’s street” after Branko Radičević, Serbian romanticist poet or “Savski most”.

The current name may also be linked with another writer, Branko Ćopić, who jumped to his death from the bridge in 1984

Arguments rage as to after which Branko the bridge is named.

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