looking back

A busy week.

A cold and wet week.

The rain making belgradestreets a treacherous place for those foolish enough to venture out in stylish black shoes with smooth leather soles.

Some people. I. Never seem to learn.

Tеразије, I have read, was the home of ponds used by blacksmiths settled here in the 1830’s by Prince Milos. The name is a shortened form of ‘terazije za vodu’ or ‘water scales’. The fountain with its lions was the subject of an earlier post and is a favourite of mine.

The street also is the home of the impressive Hotel Moskva. Acting as a kind of barometer, the packed tables ringing the building were empty at the end of the week as the weather turned.

Although it took only a few degrees rise in temperature for the streets to fil again with happy smiling, summer clothes wearing belgraders.

As with so many of belgradestreets tеразије is filled with life, people and all the unique style that this city, this country, those who live here, represent.

More to come soon.

And I’m looking for ideas for interesting streets to visit, the path less trodden perhaps?

Thank you for visiting belgradestreets I do hope you want to come back.

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